Seismic Spring Mounts Manufacturer

Application Of Seismic Restraints : Seismic vibration isolators are used for absorbing vibration & restraints seismic forces for air handling units, centrifugal fans, pumps & chillers etc when these units are installed near seismic zones.

Function of Seismic Vibration Isolators :

  • All seismic restraints are designed to withstand seismic forces of approximately 2G even at maximum rated load.
  • All seismic vibration Isolators are suitable & safe for most critical applications (including Zone 4 areas).
  • The function of Seismic Vibration Isolators is to absorb vibration of rotating machines & restraints Seismic forces from all direction during earthquakes

Features Of Seismic Vibration Mounts :

  • Built in leveling device in all different types of Seismic Isolators manufactured by RI.
  • Anti skid elastomeric acoustical pad is standard with all seismic restraints.
  • Can be supplied Seismic vibration mounts with shipping block for OEM companies.
  • Seismic restraints prevent damages of equipment & building from seismic forces created because of earthquakes & there by save a lot.


Usage Industrial
Material Metal
Standard Deflection 25 mm
Size 135x75x160 mm
Dimension FAEBI rubber air spring laod carrying
Capacity 910 Kg

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